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Private Investment Management (PIM) Accounts – An account exclusively used by a select group of Investment Advisory Representatives at W. Bruce Jackson. A limited number of clients qualify for this type of money management.  The account’s objective is to maximize gains and attempts to limit downside risk by employing concentrated positions in Individual Equities and ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds) while deploying Stop Orders. Bruce is solely in charge of these account as the portfolio manager.  Clients must be considered Accredited Investors with a required minimum amount in investable assets in the account.  The account is available for Qualified or Nonqualified Assets.

Formal Retirement Income Planning – We recognized 20 years ago that clients go through three different phases in retirement.  Bruce developed distinct portfolio models and strategies for these three phases.  Our firm follows this plan maximizing the client’s financial goals throughout retirement. Individualized written plans are adjusted annually and when a client transitions from one phase of retirement to another. 

Advanced Financial Planning – Investment and Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, and Income Tax Planning.  As a Chartered Financial Consultant, our expertise is in Advanced Financial Planning.  We provide legal and tax planning along with Investment Management and Income Distribution. For those that choose to manage their own assets, we offer fee only strategic planning. These fee-only arrangements require a retainer and an hourly fee. 

Charitable Gift Planning – Bruce is one of less than 400 Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy. He represents the client's interest by coordinating gifts to nonprofit charitable institutions.  Integrated gift planning allows him to assist clients in achieving their philanthropic goals.

Use of 529's – We use this account not only as a higher education savings plan but also as a planning tool.  This is a tax-advantaged investment vehicle tailored for higher education expenses, and is very useful in advanced comprehensive financial and estate planning.  CollegeAmerica is the only state sponsored plan in Virginia and allows residents certain tax benefits based on amount contributed.  CollegeAmerica is available in most states and is tailored to that specific state.

401(k) Self Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA) – We maximize the accumulation phase that all clients go through during their working years. Using sophisticated portfolios we assume control of the SDBAs inside of your company sponsored 401(k). Clients must leave at least 5% in their standard 401(k) mutual funds, and the remaining 95% can be set aside in an SDBA and managed on a discretionary basis with no restrictions on investment choices.

Insurance – Individual Life Insurance, Disability Income Replacement, Long Term Care, and Fixed Annuities are offered through Compensation Services, Inc., an insurance brokerage and consulting firm owned by Mr. Jackson.  Fee-only Insurance Analysis is also available.

Virtual Meetings (Video Conferencing) – For clients that are unable to come into the office annually, or at all, we come to you, virtually!  We have the capabilities to connect via any video conferencing medium (Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, etc.) on demand.

Personal Financial Platform (PFP) – Clients use this platform as an easy way to see all of their investments, bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, loans, and much more in one convenient location. PFP categorizes your spending, allows you to set budgets, monitor your activity, and keep important documents all in one central location.