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Private Investment Management Accounts (PIM)


All firms tout the words "exclusive" or "we are the only firm that does this type of account." 

In our Private Investment Management Accounts (PIM) this is true. This account is exclusively used by a select group of Investment Advisory Representatives within the Investor Securities Group, Inc., a branch office of Securities America, Inc. Bruce is the lead portfolio manager of these accounts in our office. 

We set a minimum size of 7 figures per account. Accounts are managed on a fully discretionary basis and are generally designed for growth. We use concentrated positions in individual equities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's). Downside risk is controlled by deploying Stop Losses when deemed necessary.

Clients must be considered and qualified as accredited investors in order to participate in our PIM account program. 

Accounts may hold qualified or non-qualified funds.

Private investment Management Accounts should be considered for Charitable Trust or Foundation Accounts as well as for individuals and groups.