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Charitable Gift Planning

There are three reasons people give:

  1. Altruism
  2. Recognition
  3. Influence

(or some combination of the above)

There are many different vehicles for charitable gift giving:

* Direct transfers to a charity

* Donor advised finds

* Private foundations

* Qualified Charitable distributions

* Charitable trusts

(Each have pros and cons and varying levels of complexity)


There are many worthy charitable organizations, such as Religious Organizations, Education Medical Purposes, Think Tanks, and Legal Foundations.

A thoroughly planned and implemented strategy can result in greater tax savings and after tax results.

An overlooked, and all too common occurrence is that it seems as if some charities spend more on themselves than they do on their stated mission.

As a Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy (CAP), I work directly with Attorneys, CPAs, Development Officers, and Planned Giving Officials on behalf of our client and their family.