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Advanced Financial Planning

As a Chartered Financial Consultant, I am educated and credentialed in all areas of Advanced Planning. Unlike lesser designations that focus on the sale of products, we view planning organically as a continually evolving process. 

Our planning involves coordinating legal planning, tax planning, financial planning, and possible charitable gift planning. Whether assisting in the understanding of one's benefits at work, higher education funding, investing for retirement, or planning a legacy gift to one's alumni association, financial planning is continuously evolving over long periods of time. Our firm is aware of each client's financial situation and of their evolving wishes for their assets. 

We are one of the few firms that actively coordinates legal and tax planning  along with our Investment Management, leading to the ultimate distribution of one's assets. 

For those that choose to manage their own assets, we offer fee only strategic planning. These fee-only arrangements require a retainer and an hourly fee.